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About PLN3C:

Enhance your organization with my 30-plus years of licensed experience in DEPARTMENT MANAGEMENT and PROJECT MANAGEMENT. My expertise is in the areas of ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN, PRODUCTION, CONTRACT ADMINISTRATION, SITE MASTER PLANNING, FACILITIES PLANNING and CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT. My comprehensive experience in the use of the computer as a management, scheduling, estimating and production tool produces results for you. My services provide a professional, dynamic and focused short or long-term addition to your team.


Mission Statement: Your trusted source for prompt, cost effective, and correct project management from start to finish.





AWARDS: Regional: Knoxville Chamber of Commerce

                 National: 25th Annual Reynold's Aluminum Student Award

                 US President's Closing the Circle Award for Sustainability in Design and





University of Tennessee

School of Architecture and Planning

Bachelor of Architecture, 1975


Experienced in multiple industries including: Education (K12 to University); Healthcare (Hospital Service Lines, MOB, and Clinical Offices); Utilities (Fossil, Hydro, and Nuclear); Commercial (Office, Retail, and Hospitality); Housing (HUD, multifamily, and institutional).


Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

Master Planning (single Facilities to Campus Wide)

Project Development (Budgeting, Programming, and Funding)

Project Design (Consultant or Owner’s Representative)

Project Construction (Project Manager, Consultant, or Owner’s Representative

Construction Manager as Consultant or Owner’s Representative).


PLN3 Sketches


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FROM: C. Stephen Baxley, Associate Vice Chancellor Campus Operations, University of North Carolina at Asheville,
"Peter has a broad range of experience that serves him well.  He understands and fully appreciates the challenges associated with not only design and construction, but the maintenance of facilities.  The strong ties developed here between the maintenance staff and the design and construction staff is a direct result of Peter’s team oriented approach strengthened by his broad experience."

FROM: Dan Cash, AIA, LEED® AP, SeniorRegional Manager, BRPH
"In the course of our projects at UNCA, I found Peter to be very capable in his position, and enjoyable to work for. From his years of experience in private practice, he was knowledgeable about the industry, as well as the design and construction process. In regard to the specific project, Peter was a good communicator. He gave clear direction, made us aware of university policies and procedures, where to obtain relevant information and the specific requirements of the project as they evolved. He was also constructive in his advice to the design team, and finally, he was fair and forthright in dealing with financial issues."


FROM: Ward Yohe, Project Coordinator Harrison Medical Center,

“For me personally, Peter successfully found a remarkable way to balance being a mentor and a boss to me…. He was both a demanding and realistic manager, expecting quality results in the fast paced healthcare project environment and as a team we were able to deliver many successful projects. Peter Nielsen is an experienced, dedicated, balanced, and team-oriented professional, and I am glad to have worked both for and with him.”


FROM:Tomas Baldwin, Project Manager EE, University of North Carolina, Asheville

"You kept our team sharply focused on management of project scopes, budgets, and schedules, as well as the needs of our internal customers.  We were highly productive on large and small projects due to your direction of our efforts with stakeholders, consultants and contractors from project programming through transfer of ownership to our facilities maintenance group.  I am particularly proud of the results of our joint effort to develop design and construction standards, and the campus continues to benefit from this initiative".